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Visiting Cambodia

In 2002 I traveled back to Cambodia for the first time in 23 years. It was an emotional experience that brought back a lot of memories...

Countryside in CambodiaThis is how I lived my life. There was barely any food to eat or clothes to wear. This reminds me of my home during the Khmer Rouge regime.
Countryside in CambodiaYou can see how hot it is in Cambodia. You can see the heat wave every single day. It is so congested and there is so much dust everywhere.
Cambodians on motorcycleCambodians who are bringing vegetables to be sold. They try and make every trip worth something.
Cambodian girls selling goodsSome young children do'nt attend school because they are lacking classrooms or, some times, they need to help their parents earn money for food. These girls are selling snacks and some fresh fruit. In one day they earn 25 cents to 35 cents profit.
Lotus flower buds and bamboo stuffed with riceI bought all this food not because I was hungry but because I felt bad for all the children who tried so hard to sell them.
Bopha and Cambodian girlI am standing with a very shy 15-year old girl who makes only $11 a month from doing housework, gathering wood for cooking and taking care of animals. She sleeps on the ground next to the kitchen. Her mother comes every 3 months to collect the money. She wonders why I want to take a picture of her but I have no answer. All I did was cry.
Cambodian boyA young 14-year old boy pulling a cart around in 105° F weather trying to collect cans, bottles, and plastic containers to trade for food. Both his parents had died and he had a 9-year old brother waiting for him to bring food back. It is around 2pm and he hasn't had anything to eat yet. We gave him some water, fruit and money. He doesn't even attend school.
Little boy in cardboard boxA little boy who sat there in a box happily smiling just because I was taking his picture. He sat there naked and just stared at me and my brother. We gave him food and some money for clothes and told him to give it to his mother. We asked him how old he was. He raised his fingers 5.
Cambodain children swimmingMany children happily swimming in the water. Many of them are naked.

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