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How "Stir Crazy" came to be

Boys on buffalosIn 1975 Cambodia was overtaken by Communists. Those who were not killed were imprisoned in work camps, where there was never enough food to eat. Families lost everything but their dreams and memories. Bopha had a dream to be like King Midas, only everything she touched would turn to food instead of gold. She would dream about many different varieties of food, about which vegetables to use, and how to arrange the food in creating different dishes. "If I can prepare a delicious meal that people canít wait to eat, I will be happy!" wished Bopha.

In 1981, after losing fourteen members of her family, Bopha and her siblings came to the United States. In anticipation of opening her own restaurant, she worked in a variety of Cape Cod restaurants over the next several years. Then in 1989 with love and support from family and friends, Bophaís restaurant "STIR CRAZY" became a reality. We pray you are as fulfilled in eating here as Bopha and her staff are in serving you.

"Donít ever give up your dreams; they keep your hopes alive!" - Bopha