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Authentic Cambodian Cuisine

New guests to Stir Crazy enter and often wonder if they are in a Chinese Restaurant. Certainly, the method of preparing fresh meats, seafood, and vegetables by stir frying is associated with Chinese cooking. However, I am not Chinese. I am pure Cambodian and Stir Crazy’s menu is distinctly Cambodian and South East Asian. After sampling our dishes, our guests soon realize that although there are some similarities in style and ingredients, the Cambodian food we serve is often as different from Chinese cuisine as a New England dinner is from a Texas barbecue. My mother’s Cambodian stir fries were always part of the family menu when I was a little girl. I hope that you will enjoy mine, as well as the other Cambodian specialties that we serve.

Authentic Cambodian CuisineWhen I was growing up, I never imagined that I would become a cook or own a restaurant. However, the circumstances of my life in Cambodia transformed food into a very important part of my dreams. During the four years that I faced the terror of starvation with my family and friends, I vowed that if I ever escaped that torture, I would never go to bed hungry again. That is why now, many years later, I take such joy in preparing these special Cambodian dishes to fill you and bring you happiness and pleasure.